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FFS & Steam Forums - Update

Postby mrcraigoman » Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:42 am

Hello All,

I wanted to update everyone on something we have been discussing internally for a while now. We have decided that we are going to suspend the forums here at flamingfowl.com for a few months and will be directing everyone to use the Steam forums instead.

This is for several reasons but primarily we need to revamp these forums to support the Xbox One and Win 10 platforms when they are ready and we also need to look at more effective solutions to deal with the large number of spam/bots we have to deal with. It also makes sense that we focus certain sections such as bug reporting into one location so that the entire community can work together on this.

For now, we have disabled new user registration (sorry Russian handbag sellers) and we will keep the forums open for existing users for another week or so just to make sure everyone has seen this message.

I hope you will all join us over on the Steam forums but if for whatever reason you decide not then please make sure you follow us on Twitter @FlamingFowl and/or on Facebook facebook.com/flamingfowl and we will let you know when the forums return.


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