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Merchant Deck

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Merchant Deck

Postby Luke_strain » Sun Jun 26, 2016 8:27 pm


I really like the idea behind the merchant deck, but can't seem to make a good one. Could anyone share some builds they have that might give me an idea ofor what a good Merchant deck looks like?
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Re: Merchant Deck

Postby Falco » Mon Jun 27, 2016 12:28 pm

You can exploit the fact that you can play big minions before your opponent. Build your deck around this idea.
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Re: Merchant Deck

Postby toeknee » Mon Jun 27, 2016 2:29 pm


I really like the idea behind Merchant too, and my deck centers around me buying time to build up my offense. Here's the deck I'm currently using (was built for co-op, but could also work in PvP):

1x Blackmail - Silence and a coin is great for 1 cost
2x Art of the Deal - I like cards that give choices, because it allows for greater flexibility during play.
2x Short Term Investment - Good for building up coins.
1x Blockade
2x Trade Secrets

1x Cabin Boy - Great if in initial hand.
1x Yellowbelly Hobbe - Gives a free Guard, which frees up 1 gold for other uses.
2x Rich Auntie - This card is essential, because you can sacrifice it at any point in a match for a boost. Be wary of using it in PvP as the opponent will get the +3 gold. If you're concerned about the opponent destroying this card before you can, then make the opponent make a tough decision; in other words, put another unit out that would draw the opponent's attention.
1x Double Agent - This is a cheap 6/6 drop in co-op.

All the above cards are under 4 cost and make up 13 out of the 30 cards. The rest are mostly large units, but here are the core cards:

2x Pressgang - Good way to suddenly overwhelm your opponent if you can use the Invest. Looking at the counts, I think I may replace a few of those lower cost units with higher ones to improving the value of Pressgang.
2x Counterfeit Deal - If opponent has been buffing up a unit or dropped a unit with a cool ability, then make it yours!

Consider adding units with high health like Bouncer, Knothole Fist Fighter, and Wardog. Quartermaster with his Safeguard (+2/+2) works wonders in buying you time to build up your offense.

I always go evil when playing Merchant, because getting a Trophy card gives a lot of flexibility. The above deck probably isn't optimal but I'm having fun with it :D.
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Re: Merchant Deck

Postby Mike - FFS » Tue Jun 28, 2016 8:56 pm

Luke_strain wrote:Howdy!

I really like the idea behind the merchant deck, but can't seem to make a good one. Could anyone share some builds they have that might give me an idea ofor what a good Merchant deck looks like?

I built a deck that was full of large creatures and tried to get a press gang ASAP. If you look on the blog, you can see a few ideas for Barter.
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Re: Merchant Deck

Postby saraedward » Wed Mar 01, 2017 5:16 am

i also like your idea but
Few decks that look like they’d dominate:

GREEN (lots of magic → Holy Wrath → win)
2x Supplicant
2x Prayer
2x Devotion
2x Holy Wrath
1x Collect Taxes
1x Spice Route

BLUE (quick direct damage kill)
2x Waylay
2x Surveillance
2x Ambush
1x Satchel bomb
1x Hemlock
1x Belladonna
1x Reconnaissance

RED (play rats and use Catcher/Ointment/Feast/Repopulate to draw more rats. Rats pay for themselves → both Rites + Festival + Repopulate will do a minimum of 26 damage + 3 for every card you buy that turn + the next turn, PLUS all the skulls/magic your rats have earned you…)
3x Herd of Rats
1x Rat Catcher
1x Rat Ointment
1x Feast, Repopulate
1x Rite of Battle, Rite of Combat (Rite of War = too $$$)
1x Festival

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